Welcome to CraftyFoxx4. Bespoke framed pictures using beautiful pieces of sea glass, pebbles and wood.

My name is Rachel and I am a mum of 4, the last of whom is named Foxx, hence the name CraftyFoxx4.

We have all loved finding and collecting sea glass together for years so I am so pleased I am finally working with it to create these pictures for others to enjoy.

Each item is unique and I am happy to take commissions so your piece is even more personal to you. Please complete the custom order form on the website and we can discuss your requirements further. 

Sea glass is the name given to man made glass which has been discarded into the sea then gets tumbled and shaped over many years before returning to the shore.

Most of the glass I collect and use is from Seaham. They boasted the largest bottle works factory in Britain operating from 1850’s-1921.

They produced up to 20,000 hand-blown bottles every day, in different colours and designs.

They would dump large amounts of waste glass straight into the North Sea and that’s why with each tide you find new pieces which have been shaped and smoothed by the sea for over 100 years so each piece is beautifully unique.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. Rachel
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